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. JOURNAL N°101 – DÉCEMBER 2022 - JANUARY 2023 PLASTICS FOR COSMETICS & PERFUMES INDUSTRY: News from the cosmetics & perfumes subcontractors MOULD MAKING: Mould makers for cosmetic parts MATERIALS: Transparent polymers SHOWS: PCD (Paris – January 19-20 2023) + SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT: K 2022 REPORTS The show in images via our exclusive Plastiques Flash Advertorials . JOURNAL N°102 – FEBRUARY-MARCH 2023 RIGID PLASTIC PACKAGINGS INDUSTRY: News from packaging producers - Fast cycling productions MOULD MAKING: The specialists of moulds for thin-wall parts SHOWS: Interpack previews (Düsseldorf – May 4-10 2023) MATERIALS: Polyolefins and barriers materials BIOPOLYMERS DEVELOPMENTS FAST-CYCLING EQUIPMENTS Temperature control . JOURNAL N°103 – APRIL-MAY 2023 TECHNICAL PARTS INDUSTRY: News from the technical parts manufacturers MOULD MAKING: Moulds for technical parts Additive manufacturing of technical parts MATERIALS: Latest developments of engineering polymers EQUIPMENT: TECHNICAL PARTS MOULDING Machines (injection & thermoforming) and welding and assembling technologies Material drying and energy economies SHOWS: Global Industrie Reports (advertorials) . JOURNAL N°104 – JUNE-JULY 2023 FLEXIBLE & RIGID EXTRUDED PRODUCTS INDUSTRY: - Film and foild extruders, - Tube and profile extruders MOULD MAKING: Dies fabricators MATERIALS: - Raw materials for extrusion - PVC latest developments EQUIPMENT: EXTRUSION TECHNOLOGIES Films printing (helio, flexo, digital, etc.) + SPÉCIAL FOLDER: RAW MATERIALS 2023 DISTRIBUTION AND RAW MATERIALS: - Directory of raw materials distributors in France and Maghreb - Directory of compounders settled in France PLASTICS RECYCLING Latest news form the recyclers in France : products and services offered EVOLUTION OF COMPOUNDING TECHNOLOGIES RECYCLING EQUIPMENTS Sorting, cleaning, grinding, extruding, pelletising Processing and applications of recycled polymers .
. JOURNAL N°105 – SEPTEMBER 2023 AUTOMOTIVE & TRANSPORTATION PARTS Lightweighting solutions MOULD MAKING: The automotive moulds specialists MATERIALS: Latest developments in thermoplastic elastomers (TPE, TPU) New developments in thermoplastic composites, PU and fibers EQUIPMENT: INJECTION MOULDING MACHINES Table of all available machines in France AUTOMATION & ROBOTS SHOWS: FAKUMA 2023 PREVIEWS 4M Journal n°15 – NOVEMBER 2023 THE MOULD AND PROTOTYPE INDUSTRIES 2023 Directory of the main French mould makers Rapid Prototyping: Materials & Equipments 2023 Directory of 3D Printing services suppliers Latest developments in hot runner systems and standard elements THE MACHINE TOOLS (machining, etc…) Plastics Industrie 4.0 Softwares . JOURNAL N°106 – NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2023 CLEAN PARTS: - Parts for the Medical - Parts for the agro-food industry INDUSTRY: News form the medical and food packaging producers. MATERIALS: Polyolefins THIN WALLED AND FAST CYCLING PARTS MOULD MAKING: The specialist of moulds for medical and food industry EQUIPMENT: CLEAN ROOM EQUIPEMENTS (Injection-moulding, blow-moulding, thermoforming).
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