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. . December 2016 K 2016 AFTER-SHOW SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT  (ADVERTORIALS) RAW MATERIALS INJECTION MOULDING EXTRUSION OTHER TECHNOLOGIES ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT . Journal n°71 – December-January 2017 BLOW-MOULDED PARTS INDUSTRY : News from the tube, bottle, etc, packaging Blow-moulders. MOULDMAKING: Medical moulds specialists – Injection and blow-moulding, thermoforming RAW MATERIALS: New developments in healthcare plastics Table of available Healthcare compliant series of polymers PROCESSES: Blow-moulding and injection-blow-moulding machines Decoration, printing and welding equipment SHOWS: PCD 2017 & Pharmapack Europe 2017 - Paris . Journal n°72 – March-April 2017 EXTRUDED PRODUCTS INDUSTRY: News from the film, profile and tube extruders MOULDMAKING: MOULDING EXPO (Stuttgart) RECYCLING: News from the European recyclers Raw Materials: Polyolefins and PVC for extrusion Coextrusion layers – Barrier polymers New materials and additives EQUIPMENT : New developments in Extrusion machinery Film printing: surface treatment and printing technologies Developments in recycling technologies Polymer drying .
. . Journal n°73 – May-June 2017 CUSTOM-MADE RAW MATERIALS News from Compounders and Masterbatch producers RAW MATERIALS: Biopolymers development Polymer distribution in France and Maghreb Directory of French Plastic and Rubber Raw Material Distributors POLYURETHANES: Raw Materials & Equipment EQUIPMENT: Compounding and Pelletizing Equipment Focus: Machine and Mould temperature Control  SHOWS: FIP - Lyon                 PSE Europe - Munich July 2017 4M Journal – News from the Mould and Prototype Industry 2017 Directory of the main French Mould, Prototype and Model makers 3D Printing: Raw materials & Equipment 2017 Directory of the main French 3D printers Focus on Hot runners and Standard  Elements New Machine-Tools Softwares: Industry 4.0 K 2016 AFTER-SHOW SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT  (ADVERTORIALS) RAW MATERIALS INJECTION MOULDING EXTRUSION OTHER TECHNOLOGIES ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT .
   Journal n°74 – September 2017 LIGHTER PARTS Lightweighting of plastic parts Micro-injection-moulding specialists (Moulders and Mouldmakers) RAW MATERIALS: New developments in Thermoplastic Composites, PU and Fibers EQUIPMENT: INJECTION MOULDING MACHINES Table of available Series of Injection Machines Multi-injection and complex processes AUTOMATISATION & ROBOTS Welding and assembly Machines & Process SHOWS: Fakuma 2017 - Friedrichshafen                FormNext 2017 - Frankfort .. Journal n°75 – October 2017 INDUSTRY: RUBBER AND ELASTOMER MOULDERS MOULDMAKING: The Rubber, Elastomer and  Silicone Specialists RAW MATERIALS: New devlopments in TPE and TPU SILICONE MOULDINGS (Raw Materials, Process & Equipment) EQUIPMENT: Table of available Elastomers and Silicone Injection Moulding machines . Journal n°76 – November-December 2017 INDUSTRY: FOCUS ON THE FRENCH PLASTICS INDUSTRY IN 2017 MOULDMAKING: making Cosmetic and Medical moulds RAW MATERIALS: Transparent polymers EQUIPMENT: Machines and ancillaries of the Year 2017 (Best-of)
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